The scope of this symposium encompasses to four domains (fields areas) supporting the food security and environmental monitoring as follows: agriculture, marine and fisheries, forest, and climate, in terms of beneficial use of satellite technology. These field areas include, but not limited to:

1. Agriculture
  1. Crop growth and production estimation
  2. Drought and flood assessment
  3. Soil conservation
  4. Land conversion and urban development
  5. Precision agriculture
2. Marine and Fisheries
  1. Potential fishery zone (PFZ)
  2. Potential fishery zone
  3. Coastal and marine pollution
  4. Coral reefs and sea grass ecosystem
  5. AIS and VIIRS application
  6. Vulnerable shoreline
  7. Dynamics modelling in marine system
  8. Blue carbon assessment
3. Environmental Management
  1. Dynamic modelling in climate system
  2. Climate change and variability
  3. Disaster and risk reduction
  4. Early warning system
  5. Natural resources conflict
  6. Species distribution modelling
  7. Forest degradation and deforestation
  8. Forest fire assessment
  9. Biodiversity conservation
  10. Vegetation density mapping
  11. Forest resource evaluation
  12. Carbon stock and biomass estimation
4. Satellite Technology and Data Processing
  1. Sensor platform
  2. Micro satellites
  3. Radar detection and imaging
  4. UAV technology
  5. Image correction

Selected papers will be published in IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science